Jack's Mousery

Exhibition mice in standard coat, since 1995.

About Jack and JM

My name is Jack Garcia and I live in Murrysville, PA, which is a community in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. Previously I lived in Kentucky for 10 years. I have bred fancy mice (Mus musculus domesticus) since what feels like the beginning of time. Mice are my primary hobby, but I also enjoy watching true crime television, gardening, pet photography, and reading (when I have the time). Other personal interests include Advaita Vedanta, nonduality, passage meditation, and vegetarianism.

I work in social services, and my academic background is in Child and Family Services (BA, Berea College, '10) and Social Work (MSSW, U of Louisville, '14). My professional interests include HIV/AIDS, homelessness services, child development, PTSD, TBI/ABI, and service delivery/coordination efforts including assessment and treatment modalities for diverse populations. I have tons of professional trainings including de-escalation, vulnerability assessment, and trauma-informed care.

In its online form, Jack's Mousery (JM) came into being around 2006, although I have kept mice since the early 1990s. When I was a child my grandmother had mice, so there has never been one set, clear, point where I began keeping mice as a formal breeding program verses "just for fun." Jack's Mousery is currently non-affiliated.

Mice here are kept on poplar shavings, alfalfa pellets, and/or aspen bedding. They are fed a mixture of grains, cereals, seeds, dog foods, cat foods, lab blocks, meal worms, eggs, vegetables, and occasional millet sprays.

The majority of JM mice trace their lineages back to exhibition stock from societies in England, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, and elsewhere. More recent ancestors have come from the following breeders: Blue Shuze, CMM, CSB, KK, LOS, MIKI, MyLM, Serenity, TFM, TREK, TwST, OSR, WNT, and others.

I strongly support humane euthanasia of small animals when they are sick or injured. For more information, please see this page: http://www.alysion.org/euthanasia/index.php (the link should open in a new window).